Data Analytics & Insights Solutions

Our interconnected approach to data allows our clients to do their work in more effective way.

Data Analytics & Insights Services

A well-architected analytics ecosystem increases the value of data being collected and allows you to make smarter decisions when reaching your target market. At Triangle, we use data, analytics, and insights to inform all aspects of performance marketing, including day-to-day decision making and optimization, periodic program assessment, custom studies, and in-depth insights.

Ultimately, all companies need to use data, there’s no debating that. As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, but with that said, data is something which must be used responsibly. Appnovation is a company that takes both the pursuit of data, as well as the protection of that same data, very seriously. With the recent introduction of GDPR legislation, we are more aware than ever of how to protect client and customer data, but we still consider data to be critical to our understanding of digital solutions for clients. When our teams uncover insights, we do it thoroughly, responsibly, and with a view to using it in a way that benefits our clients.