What is Growth Hacking And It's Benefits!

Are you searching for new ways to construct an ever expanding growth graph of your business? Then Growth hacking can be your one stop answer.

Are you searching for new ways to construct an ever expanding growth graph of your business? Then Growth hacking can be your one stop answer. Gaining growth is a procedure of rapid expansion of business depending on various marketing tactics. Growth generating tactics introduces you to some useful and efficient ways to expand a business.

Who are growth hackers?

Growth hackers are those marketing masterminds and technical geniuses who strategically plan how to bring growth to the business. Growth hacking has become a buzz word over the past few years. A growth hacker is a mastermind behind the growth of the client company. Growth hackers are those technical brains who plan strategies to gain more growth. Implementation and planning of hacking growth for different products are diverse but hacking techniques aren't some secret code of success. Hacking techniques are some cognitive methods of marketing with the help of advanced technology.

The main ideas behind hacking growth are skilled technical coding mingled with brilliant marketing strategy. But growth can't be hacked overnight, so an extensive tactical planning is mandatory.

The Concept Behind Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is not magic. It won’t lift the growth up by millions only after few hours of execution. It’s not rocket science but a good growth hacker need to be a jack of all trades and a master of coding. Technical knowledge is essential for growth hackers. Hacking can bring enormous progress if monitored properly and can be proved to be one of the easiest and cost- effective solutions when it comes to marketing tactics.

So, hacking of business progress is inducing smart marketing and innovative brand building tactics with skilled technical coding. It defines the new innovative procedure of obtaining and engaging advanced marketing creativities and skills to grow companies faster.

How Growth Hacking Assists Startups & Businesses

Hacking of conversion growth is an amalgamation of marketing approach and technical coding. Growth multiplication emphases on a company’s strong point and swell up that aspect. Traditional marketing strategies focus on getting expanding consumer base without observing exceptional facts of business. But hacking growth is diverse in approach. It concentrates even on the slightest, but strongest point of a business and then hacking procedure generates extensions depending on that strong aspect of business.

One of the good examples of hacking of growth is LinkedIn. LinkedIn didn’t compete with Facebook to obtain its huge market. Instead of doing that, marketing team of LinkedIn popularizes its uniqueness of being social networking sites for professional and now has become largest professional social networking site. They adopt advance of growth to generate publicity, within different professional fields.

Relation Between Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing

The link between growth generating and digital marketing isn't straight forward, but the underlining connection between this two are correlated and greatly depends on each other. Growth Hacking is an umbrella term which signifies all the backend works that a scientific mind does to increase the growth graph of business.

To do hacking marketers incorporate various innovative techniques that include coding and implementing all other conventional and unconventional marketing methods. Other than traditional marketing methods, digital marketing can boost up a lead generation which is in fact growth proportioning. Different methods of digital marketing can be implemented to acquire greater growth.

Implementing SEO to increase the Google ranking is a successful implementation of hacking tactic.


The best thing about growth graph hacking is, it is a reminder for businesses especially startups, that in today's world of competitiveness without sound marketing tactics no business can prosper even if the firm has world class features it won’t get growth on its own. And a proper growth will never come unless decorous marketing strategies are adapted.